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Snapple Fact: The infinity sign is called a lemniscate.

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Zoë Alexandra Scharf is co-founder and creative director at greetabl, the new, fun, and memorable way to share a sentiment. Originally hailing from upstate New York, she made the trek to the midwest in 2007 to attend Sam Fox School at Washington University in St. Louis where she studied Communication Design and French. After graduating she discovered her love for St. Louis and stuck around. She landed her first job at XPLANE, later called Dachis Group, where she learned a tremendous amount about visual thinking, storytelling, and how to drink (heavily) with coworkers. After two years there, she sobered up and busied herself for a year as a freelance graphic designer.

Now, outside of greetabl, Zoë spends her time organizing Sloup, a monthly (donated) soup dinner supporting local projects that need funding/attention. Attendees donate to enter and sip, then vote on proposals. The project with the most votes gets the whole pot. She is also a proud cofounder of Brain Drain, a collective of young people, mostly transplants, united by a love for St. Louis.

Her true artistic capabilities were first recognized around 1995, when she gained an immense comprehension of Microsoft Paint, and would reward her family members with masterfully composed place cards. She knew she wanted to be a professional designer at the early age of 13, when she would make embarrassing teen girl magazines (that, yes, featured herself making a fish face) using all that she could get her hands on: Adobe Elements 2.0. She considers herself an illustrative designer and specializes in brand identity, information design and word searches. Interests include watching Friends reruns and enjoying the rich St. Louis music scene.


Also, I keep a Tumblr of Shit Robin Says, where I explore the new trend of moms on social media. Also I shoe modeled that one time (0:50)